Amazon Prime Mom vs. Victoria's Secret Model

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Going from being a woman to being a mother is the biggest change in life(besides becoming a wife, which is like adopting a man-child-baby all-in-one). So many things are lost, sacrificed, given-up, and just plain forgotten about. For me personally so many changes happened when I became a mother..and I'm not just talking about the 45 pounds that loved me so much it never left. If you're like me and didn't "bounce back" after childbirth you had some extra weight leaving the hospital(and rolls if we are honest). The first time you decided to "be cute" again after childbirth you probably contemplated wearing maternity jeans...and if you're like did! If you're husband is the comedian mine is he might or might not have announced to everyone at his work function that his baby was a few weeks old and his wife had on maternity pants. Thanks Trevor. Thanks alot. What he didn't know was that underneath those maternity jeans were some ill fitting granny panties that were rolling down like they were control top pantyhose that were NOT the Queen size and you thought you could "make them work". For some reason all my underwear did this..maternity jeans or not. And as a brand new mom the last thing I was going to waste money on for myself was those 5 for $25's at Victoria's Secret I used to snag EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. as a single person.

If you have never been a mom wondering why all your underwear are stretched out like you've lost 200 lbs YOU. ARE. LUCKY! Maybe it's just me! My kids are 4 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old so the fact that my clothes are clean most days makes me happy. Other than a random pack of Hanes I bought at Wal-Mart as a serious mom splurge in FOUR AND A HALF years I haven't spent money on underwear. It's literally the LAST thing on the agenda. That and paper towels. I don't believe in being wasteful. You might as well dry your hands with dollar bills, big money. There are hand rags for a reason. But yall a few months ago I changed my life.

AMAZON is one of my top 5 things I love in life. If you cannot Amazon Prime it you don't need it in life! Rule of thumb. Life advice to follow. So me being the Amazon Prime Mom I am, I searched for some underwear JUST to see what they had and the prices...cause let's be honest the dollar is what is driving my decision here. I found a sensibly priced pack of not-too-crazy designs and read the reviews. 6 for $12 (take that Victoria)!!! All my friends, mom and sister laughed and laughed and laughed when I told them I bought underwear from Amazon. They know my love for Amazon, but thought I had gone a little overboard with the underwear purchase. Little did they.. know I changed my life. When the UPS guy brought my underwear (which sounds so creepy cause really he handed me the box not knowing what it was) I was soooo excited. In almost 5 years I hadn't gotten Amazon wild for myself until that very moment. I ripped the box open like Christmas morn and the rest is history. Life changing is all I can say. They are high quality and low effort on my part. With Amazon 1-click and Prime shipping they were in my hand in 48 hours. And I dare say a VERY CLOSE TO VICTORIA'S SECRET GRANNY PANTY FEEL. But don't take my word for it.

If you see me in church, or the Winn-Dixie or anywhere really there's a 99% chance I have them on. But don't make it weird. Don't stare. Cause the fact of the matter is you don't know which pattern/color and I'm not telling! Creep! If you're a mom who wears name brand underwear, keep it up girl. Do you! But if you're me and frugal as ever and just an Amazon Prime Mom trying to make it in the yourself a favor and purchase the high quality yet low hassle underwear! Click on the image below and be directed straight to Amazon and do something for YOURSELF mama! #noregrets

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