What really needs to happen before school starts - The conversation we should be having!

If you're like us summer has flown by! We are already through the first week of August too! It's crazy! We have school shopped for clothes, but shoes and supplies still has to happen. We are pretty ready though...except what really needs to happen before school starts back is this.

I need to remind my child of a few things and while we are at it you may want to call yours in the living room and remind them of these things too :

  • If you make an effort like you never have before you will learn more than you ever have before. If you strive for excellence nothing can stop you. If you focus and do what your teachers ask of you..you will be surprised at how great this year will be! 
  • Not everyone has been raised like you. Not everyone's parents expect what I expect out of you. Not everyone has rules and guidelines in their homes. But we do! And just because there are others who are disrespectful and disruptive doesn't give you a pass at all to hop on their train and forget everything you know! Manners and polite behavior will get you farther than your pretty little smile believe it or not. 
  • You are much more than what you have on and so is everyone else. The clothes you wear and the things you have do not make you any better or less than..and neither does anyone else's clothes or stuff. Remember that how people treat people is much more important than what they look like. We are all different and that is a good thing! It's what's inside that matters...cute clothes can't cover an ugly heart!
  • When there are things that are hard or you're having trouble with you have to tell me! If you don't tell me I can't help. And even if you don't want my help please still tell me! I need to know these things! I am your mama!
  • This year is not last year. This is a fresh start. Whatever happened last year is gone and you get a chance to start over! Use it wisely!
  • Our town is smaller than you realize. The older you get the more you will grasp this concept. Think before you speak. Be kind to everyone. Because Jesus said so and you don't know who their kin to!
  • I want the best for you and that means you're going to need to be well rested to do your best at school. That means starting tonight the summer bedtime is gone and it's time to get back in our school groove. 
  • Promise me you will be who I am raising you to be and make me proud this year just like you always do. Promise me you will show your teachers and friends what it means to be a leader and do the right thing no matter what. Promise you'll make friends with everyone and make this a great year! And promise me one last thing...promise me you'll always let me take a First Day of School picture in front of the fireplace! That kind of stuff makes this mama's heart happy!
Now we still have shoes and some glue sticks to buy and whatever else a pre-k student needs, but nothing is more important that who he is on the inside! You should know that these things I told my son I will tell him every year until he graduates. They're never too young or old to respect others and reach for greatness! I pray yall have a great school year! May it be the best one yet!
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  1. I enjoy reading your blog, but the font is hard to read.

    1. Thank you so much. I would like to help fix that. Is it the font itself or the size of it?

    2. I think it is the font itself


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