Help me find a hobby! A Hunter's Wife cry for help.

I'm looking for a hobby!

It needs to require me to spend lots of money.

Like I'm talking fees, dues, licenses that need to be renewed every year, etc. I would prefer that it is more expensive that what my household income is in a month. I want to spend money on clothes, gear, more gear, gear to carry my gear, etc. Also, it would be nice if it required something new everytime I turn around. I want to spend lots of gas money for it.

I would prefer it to be a huge waste of time.

I want to be able to do it any day of the week. The more real life stuff I can miss out on the better! Must be able to spend hours, even days or trip centered around being gone. I need it to require special expensive stuff and junk to fill up every empty space in my house is a must! I'm willing to tear my vehicle up and sacrifice time with my family for this!

Anybody have any ideas??

I also am really hoping every single friend I have can get super wrapped up in this too. I want this to be all we think about. I want to get so consumed with it that I make sure people feel my obsession. I would prefer if it had different seasons too. I don't want to be limited. I want a year round way to waste time with people who are just as excited about it as I am.

I'm also hoping to luck up on something that people consider "a way of life" a lifestyle or something. That way I feel justified in my obsession...I mean....hobby.

If any body has any ideas please let me know.

Ps. I'm not sure if you've caught on by now, but this is my way to counteract the hatred I feel in my heart towards hunting season. We aren't even 24 hours into bow season and I'm done. Done. Done and done. Maybe one day I will disappear for months at the time for my "way of life"!

Ps.s. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Just might be the only one who would say it. Please don't tell me how much you love, embrace, participate in, and support hunting season. I don't care.

                   -A disgruntled hunter's wife

Update - This was such a mean RANT! I was being a brat, but oh so honest with how I was feeling at the time. It's funny how things change...
Read A Hunter's Wife Cry for HELP Part II to see how things changed over the years...
And after reading this you may be shocked to know there's even more progress and a Part III is in the works! 

I also added this photo to show that I am busy raising another avid hunter! Some thing's are just in their blood!


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