what you WANT to do vs. what you HAVE to do?!

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Many of us are so used to being so busy doing what we HAVE to do that we don't allow for much time to do what we WANT to do. If you're like me...it's time to DO something about that.

After some thinking and re-reading a blog I wrote Walk out your calling//Chase your dreams it's had me thinking a lot. It's opened up conversations with friends and has allowed us to share our hearts with each other about this topic.

Without getting in the medical and political aspect of it, the Great Quarantine of 2020 has forced us all to park ourselves at home for so long. Being in real-life timeout opened my eyes to many things. So many of us have been SO busy that we didn't even see how far down the rabbit hole we were. And when the world seemingly stood still for weeks on end I decided...and you probably did too...

It's time for a change...

But what? How? When? 

Well here are my thoughts..

I am not the best at doing things for myself and making time for the things I want to do. Shocker! I'm sure you CANNOT RELATE ๐Ÿ™„...right๐Ÿ™ˆ. I have, however, came a LONG way in the last few years. Just like everything else..there is always room for improvement. As time goes on I hope I can be better at finding a balance in the "have to" and "want to". Being a mom with small kids is no easy task, but the I can say the older they get, the easier it is for me to even have time to evaluate where we are at instead of constant SURVIVAL MODE. If yours are still teeny tiny I am telling you hold on...it does get better!

I've found after much reflection and thought that the first step is this..

Figure out the things you WANT to do and make more time for. Pray about it. Really ask God what He would have you do..because after all He made YOU. I *think* He knows what you're supposed to be doing... Make it meaningful and an hopefully an expression of who you really are.

This isn't a "take a long bath alone"..."go shopping by yourself"...."have a girls night" kind of post. Though those things are good an necessary... this is a little deeper.

What makes you happy? What DOESN'T make you feel stressed? What makes you feel like you are doing something positive for you and someone else in the world? This isn't a me me me thing. It's a chance to tap into where your calling meets your passion. 

What is something you know if you sat time aside for it you would be LOOKING FORWARD to that very thing!? And feel so accomplished knowing you did it? With meaningful satisfaction! 

Yeah THAT! That is THE thing!

So step two is before we get back into calendar overload make sure you make time for THAT thing. And decide how often you want to. And MARK BUSY ON YOUR SCHEDULE!

Plan it out. Coordinate whatever you have to in order for it to happen.

It may be several things. Some things may be weekly, some things may be monthly and some may be seasonally. Whatever it is..make time for it. 

When real life is back in complete full swing you need to be in charge of your schedule...not the other way around!

This isn't a huge in-depth post, but I just want to get you to thinking about what you love and how you can do MORE of THAT! You were made for a specific purpose and I would hate for you to live life any longer without walking out that purpose because you were TOO BUSY!

P.s. the beautiful photo used in this post is by the lovely Kailee Trippett Photography. I was so excited to have the opportunity to make the bouquet for the shoot. I LOVE creating and bringing beautiful ideas to life! It's something I LOVE, but haven't always made the time to tap into.

So yeah. Think about it. Figure it out. Find that thing you LOVE and do more of it!

Share and inspire someone else to do the same!

This right here is one of my "THAT's"! The thing I will make more time for. Loving on sweet girls and watching them grow in Jesus๐Ÿ’—

Also you absolutely cannot go wrong eating the best food ever at Marion Street, but that's a whole nother blog ๐Ÿ˜œ


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