Walk out your calling // Chase your dreams

Dreams. Everybody has them. You dream to own your own business one day. Maybe you dream to build the home you've been "pinning" for years. Or if you're like most of us you dream to marry that person, get that job, move to that city, or start a family. Maybe as you've aged your dreams have changed. Maybe used to dream really big and the older you get the smaller your dreams get...

I am, by nature, a dreamer. You can ask my husband and close friends what I dream up and they all will have a different answer. I dream (and even go as far as to plan out how I will do it) to be and do all kinds of things. It seems like every year (ok every 6 months) I have another crazy "dream". I am always super excited and ready to embark on the journey towards my dream. If I told you them you would laugh! Honestly. I have some great friends (and a husband who puts up with my crazy) who just believe in me and have never said I couldn't do whatever I dreamt up. Some dreams I let go of and some dreams were stolen from me. Some dreams I had to come to terms that I just never would be able to reach that in the near future. Some dreams still burn inside of me...some new dreams are rising from the ashes of the long lost ones. But let me tell you...dreams come and go, but your calling is forever. 

The Bible says in Romans 11:29 "For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable."


Irrevocable: not able to be changed, reversed, or recovered; final.

Your gifts and your calling in life cannot be changed. You cannot reverse them. You can't give them back. There's no return policy. All sales are final. When God placed the calling you have on your life it was not by mistake. It wasn't a 90 day trial. God knew all the sins you would commit and called you anyways. God knew all your faults and flaws, but called you anyways! He adores you. He cannot wait to see you do what He created you for. He's waiting. He's weaving your story together and waiting for YOU to answer the call. 

So what do we do now? You've been running from your calling and you know God gave you specific directions at a time in your life. You've neglected the gifts you have and haven't allowed God to use you.

Turn around.

Go back.

A very wise woman once told me, "When you can't hear God telling you anything new GO BACK to the last thing He told you to do and the last thing you heard from Him and start there." So I urge you..turn around. Prodigal son or daughter, THIS is your time. Don't walk. Run. You will find arms open, more grace than you've ever know, and all the love you've longed for. You'll find peace in knowing you are fulfilling the very purpose God made you for. In that place ask God to remind you of your gifts and how He would have you use them. Tell God you are ready to walk in His divine purpose He has for you! It really just amazes me that He loves ME and YOU so much that He would choose to use US! We are so unworthy, but in Him we have worth. We fall SO short, but He stands beside us and says He will make up the difference. There are people who are depending on you to lead them to Christ. There are marriages that need you to speak life into them. There are addicts and helpless people who need hope. There are children who need Godly mentors and a shoulder to lean on! There are minstries that have a gap with your name on it. They need you! Don't you know there's a place for you in God's Kingdom? It's specific and it's yours! 

God placed you exactly where you are with the exact gifts you have to walk out your calling. If you don't believe that you are crazy! He made you. Hebrews 12:2 says He is the author and finisher of our faith. He writing your story. You may have written your own story and it hasn't led you where you thought you should be by now. You may have dreams that have died. You may be wondering why it seems like all the good things in your life keep coming to an end. Your dreams are earthly, but your calling is eternal.

So maybe you've been lied to. You've been told you have a small skill set, but God's gifted you with all the "skills" you need. You have been told you always have been and always will be small, but God has B I G things for you. You're not equipped..you aren't smart enough...you didn't come from the right family...no one will take you serious because they know all your sins...you have messed up too big for God's calling on your life to still stand...you don't have time to wait around and see what God may or may not do...you just aren't sure...there are so many doubts and uncertainties...LIES LIES AND MORE LIES!!! Please do me (and you) a favor and don't let the devil steal anymore time from you. Shut him up. Put him in his place and go take up yours rightfully. We need you! There are small groups, ministries, and churches just waiting on you to step up and be who God has called you to be. There's no use in running. The calling won't fade and won't go away! Walk in His promises and become all that He has planned for you to be. Irrevocably! 


Follow God and He will make your path clear!


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