Dear Husband, I didn't get you anything for Valentine's Day

Dear Husband,

I didn't pick you up anything. Not a single thing. I didn't throw anything in the buggy while I was strolling through Wal-Mart or the Dollar Tree for the 3rd time this week getting stuff for the kid's or their school parties. I didn't order you anything from Amazon. I didn't hand make a picture collage or order a personalized wallet card from Etsy. I didn't wake up before you and spread out anything on the counter or make you coffee. Even though you don't even drink it. But I'll tell you what I did do....

This morning {like every morning} I prayed for you. I prayed God would go before you and prepare the way ahead of you. I prayed He would guard your heart and your mind. I prayed He would equip and clothe you with the full armour of God. I thanked God for you. I thanked God that somehow He saw fit for us to be together and not allow our covenant to be thrown aside. I thanked Him that even in our weakest times He has sustained us. I thanked Him for bringing us through one more day and making a way for tomorrow. I thanked Him for teaching me more about myself inside our marriage and revealing Himself through it as well. I thanked Him for giving you strengths that are my exact weaknesses. I thanked Him for the heart He has put in you. I thanked Him for the calling on your life and giving me the chance to walk alongside you as you fulfill it. I thanked Him for your smile and the way you laugh about everything. I thanked Him for every mountain He has brought us to the top of and every valley He has carried us through. I thanked Him for the places He drug us out of. Lord knows we can't thank Him enough for chasing us down and not giving up on us even when we had. I thanked Him for forgiving me for my sins and allowing that same forgiveness to flow through me. I thanked Him for allowing us to have back stage passes to His mercy, unfailing love, forgiveness, restoration and healing. I just stared at you and thanked God.

I'm not a perfect wife and you unfortunately have a front row seat to that. You see me for what I am --- flaws and all. I can't even begin to make up for everywhere I lack in one day. But if God gives me tomorrow I promise, with God's help, I will keep on loving you the best way I know how. I will respect you and honor you. I will get up and get your cookies and milk even after I have closed the kitchen and got in bed for the night. I will be honest and communicate my love for you everyday. I won't let routine or daily life get in the way of us. I won't let one day define what kind of husband you are. I'll love when it's easy and love more when it's hard. I'll wake up and pray for the best and when the bad comes I will still wake up everyday and take every opportunity I can to love you with my whole heart. 

Because I love you. And even though you don't have an Instagram worthy spread of red and pink heart shaped got me...and that's SOMETHING! 😉

Your wife 🖤

Happy Valentine's Day Trevor


  1. Safe to say the love you have written about for your God and your husband are far more Instagram worthy than the largest stuffed Valentine bear or the finest box of Valentine chocolates!!❤️


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