Hidden talents every husband has - 3 signs to look for!

If you're like me you have loving and dear husband. He's hardworking, handsome and talented. His most notable talents are his feeble attempts to make you THINK he's listening to you when you're talking. . .even when he's most definitely not.

For years it never occurred to you that there was even a chance he wasn't listening to you...especially the courting years...but marriage has proven otherwise.

As time has gone on you've either gotten more aware or his acting skills have declined bc there's obvious signs now that he ain't listening.

Sign #1 


My husband repeats a few phrases here and there back to me everytime I stop talking. 

Me - "Tomorrow morning we have to go by the store and get a few things on the way to my granny's..."
Me - *not talking bc I can tell he's not listening*
Him - "Oh you gotta go by the store on the way to your granny's tomorrow..."

He thinks if he can say the same words I JUST said then that proves something...all it proves is he is NOT listening!!! Lol if you were listening you'd have an actual response! Or something to say other than what I just said. 🤷🤦

Sign #2

Key Phrases

My husband has a handful of phrases he says when he's doing his best to pretend he's actively engaged in my conversation. He will throw out any of these given phrases at any time...

"Yeah, I can see that..."


"That's wild!"

"No way!"




"And that happened today?"

"No way..."

"For real..."

It's not always these specific phrases, but always a specific tone of voice. It's like a customer service voice mixed with a polite ordering food voice. And it makes me wanna punch him 👊

Sign #3

Asking a question...to answer the question...I just asked.

This mostly occurs when he failed to do #1 and #2 so all he has is the hope that I will just dismiss his question and repeat mine...then he's back in the game...


Me - "Do you think we will have time to make it by there tomorrow evening?"

Me - *staring and waiting for an answer*

Him - "what do you think?"

Me - "WHAT? ... I said do you think we will have time to make it by there tomorrow evening??"

Him - *still halfway listening* "Idk. I'm not sure."

I can't roll my eyes enough when I think about this crap 🤣

I love him, but geez. 

In my husband's defense I do generally have a lot to say and at any given time there are words flying at him at dangerous speeds. 

I am with his children all day. I love them dearly. Ok, yes they are our children. Lol but when I'm OVER the day and want to talk to another grown up I just want to converse. Not have another human being that ignores me..like his children when I tell them to do something 😑

My thought is this...

If you're not going to listen..

Just tell me you're not listening...

And chances are...

I'll get an attitude...

And exit the room...

But chances are also...

I'll just tell you later 🤷

And we will go through this all over again...🤦

He does hear me and we do have those conversations that matter. It's just the chatty stuff he gets lost in. Lol Love you Trev!

Here's a pic of him probably NOT listening 🤣


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