A Hunter's Wife Cry For Help - Part III - Bet you never thought we would be here.

If you read A Hunter's Wife Cry for Help - The Original Post just know I am not who I was. 

Over the years my bitter hatred towards hunting grew into a strong dislike, but understanding.

A Hunter's Wife Cry for Help - Part II can attest to my growth.

But today we find ourselves here.

Over the last year there's been more growth and through the last months there's been a radical change. 

If you would've asked me what I like to do after 9 p.m. several years ago I would tell you "be sleeping". 

If you asked me in the middle of April 2020 I probably would've said "go coon hunting"....

I know.

You're in complete shock.

But it's true.

Somehow...and I'm really not even sure how tbh..

But somehow we went from complete despise to "can we please go coon hunting tonight??"...

For whatever reason..maybe it was the quarantine and we literally had NO WHERE IN THE WORLD ELSE TO GO...but maybe just maybe I enjoyed it. 

It wasn't necessarily about the coons bc there were some nights we went home empty handed, but had the best time. 

It wasn't about the glamour of the rubber boots and mosquitoes. Nope. Crazy...I know..you would think that'd be it..

It wasn't about the snacks even though..I mean...and yes I said snacks not snakes bc we had a fair share of that too.. Ugh.

The best part wasn't kids who passed out on the way home even though that's a great feeling.

The best part was just being together.

Nowhere else in the world we needed to be.

Just hunting some coons with the loudest coon dogs who sometimes took us 400 yards deeper than we planned to go...literally.

Just sloshing through the swampy waters at midnight praying you make the right step and holding my little girls hand as we giggle and realize we are tangled up in vines and dog leashes and the best memories.

I have several favorite nights that were probably top 3 coon hunts I may share one day, but today isn't that day.

Some of you are still Part I and Part II gals and I get it. I was her.

If you have small babies and despise your husbands hunting obsession, I just want to encourage you that it gets better. They get bigger and one day you may say "heck, let me come too!"...
Here's the good news. If you are a local friend you already know about Bennett's Summer Sale.

It started yesterday July 23, but you aren't too late. It ends tomorrow and you've got time to get there.

If you are ready to get in the woods, mama THIS. IS. YOUR. SHOT. 

Here's the plan.. I got a feeling it'll work too.

Here's YOUR cry for help.

I triple dog dare you to text your man to "Meet me at Bennett's when you get off of work" and see if you don't come out of there with something for yourself for hunting season.

He will be SHOOK that YOU even are encouraging this madness.

And you'll be there to supervise the transaction. Making sure he doesn't dump your savings account at the back counter bc guns.

But while you're at it... the ENTIRE store is having a sale...

So you never know what you will score.

Connect with them on FB or

whatever you do you MUST FOLLOW them on Instagram.

Stephanie keeps it real. It's more than just feed store content. You are missing out if you're not already following. Real life. Mom life. Funnies. And more. I look forward to it everyday.

My cry for help this time is a cry for justice. 

It's time to flip the switch, ladies.

I do not want to know the collective amount of money our husbands have spent at Bennett's over the years. 

Dog food.




And I would say thermocell replacement thingys, but they have saved my life!!! If you don't have one go get one. You can live in peace mosquito free. I will NOT complain about them ever.

And when you're sitting in the truck or on the dog box you'll be thanking me, not complaining too. 

It's your turn, boo.

You have gone without way too many hunting seasons...getting nothing but the raw end of the deal.

It's your time. 

Tell 'em Life. Love. Jesus told you so! 

Here's opening day last year and this year I WILL get on the box, ya hear?!


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