I can't even pretend anymore. I'm just me. - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Ever been there? 

Ever find yourself wondering who or what you're "keeping up" with?

Trying to calculate your next move and how it will make you look to others.

Trying to convince any and everyone around you that you are capable of whatever the case may be.

Doing your best to maintain some sort of image or appear to be a certain way.

It's all a lie. 

A mask.

A joke really.

I'm sorry you ever fell for it. 

I'm sorry you ever felt like the real you wasn't enough.

It's so exhausting. 

It's mentally draining and emotionally disabling.

And if you woke up one day and found yourself and gave all that up I am so proud of you. You're better for it. Be free.

People are so busy living for the approval of people who don't even give a rip about them. Wanting to impress whoever with their house, car, boat, kids, clothes, kid's clothes, their image, their job, their lifestyle, their vacations and whatever else. 

If you still are running 90 mph to keep up with everybody and they mama...

I have the best news for you. 

Nobody cares. 



Not one single person.

So stop.

People may be watching you, but okay.


They can watch some other fool run ragged to impress them.

You don't owe anybody anything.

You don't have to pretend to be anything.

Being your authentic self might just give you peace. And maybe, just maybe, friends who like YOU...not who you've always pretended to be. 

Today's teenagers have so much pressure to be cool on Instagram and smooth on Tiktok.

To have "likes" and "followers". 

Pressure to be everything.

Pressure to have applause for everything they do. 

Pressure that tells them it's all or nothing...if they don't accept you then you must be nothing.

Funny thing is adults have the same pressure...we just don't talk about it.

Why do you think women stress over their body image. And I've learned recently men feel similar pressure at times in that area.

Why do you think people go BROKE to look cool???? 

Isn't that wild?

People live lives that they cannot afford to impress people who don't give a big toe about them.

Actual debt. Actual real life problems. Because of opinions of people who don't matter.


Y'all it is absolutely crazy what people will do to "fit in".

I can't help you get out of debt, but I am SCREAMING please just get off the crazy train.

Don't let Pinterest tell you what you like..you know what you like...

Don't let Instagram tell you what your house, outfit, car, food, vacation, etc should look like. It's all a facade. Tiny squares of nothing that actually matters.

Don't let the wonderful world of Facebook tell you anything. Period. 

Social media is not an accurate depiction of anyone's anything.

It isn't a scale to measure yourself up to.

Throw the mental scale away. You owe it to yourself to say, "I don't have to pretend anymore" and just like THAT...be you.

The real you. 

Let me tell you about the real me.

The real me has mostly clothes from Wal-Mart.

The real me has my happy little double-wide.

The real me is 27 and back in college to finish.

The real me has about 30 extra pounds.

The real me has a real marriage who goes through real stuff.

The real me has real kids who really need their tail beat at times.

The real me has failed and stumbled and she is not perfect.

The real me also knows that being real is the best way to live.

It's freeing to be the real me. And I'll never be sorry for being her. 
And here's a real candid photo from last week. Really wet from just getting off the river. Really holding my empty chip bag that was one of two bags I ate. Really wild hair from Charlee and really getting a booger off her face. Just keeping it real. 


  1. This initially felt like light reading. Just something to kill time. But then, chills. Tears. I had a mild heart attack earlier this week. Only 4 hours after my 39th birthday. What a wake up call! Time to stop stressing the small stuff. Time to stop caring who thinks what should be how. You're an amazing writer, and I love everything you said here!

    1. Thank you so much. Please be YOU, unapologetically. Happy Belated Birthday and may this be your best year yet.

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