How I realized my kids were copying more than just my handwriting. - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Today was our second day of school.

My kids have begged and begged to start our homeschooling so yesterday I finally caved.

I learned more on the day 2 than they did...I can promise you!

Today I went over each kids spelling words with them individually. 

For them to practice their words I had to copy them down on notebook paper first.

As I sat there writing I thought to myself I better write them completely accurate and not get sloppy or lazy with my penmanship. 

Even though they're 5 and 7 and fully know how to write all their letters, I know if I write a letter a certain way they will do it just like I did. 

I know if I get lazy they will justify being lazy in their own writing. 

I know if I slack off they will think it's okay to be a slacker.

I know if I bend the rules just once they'll think it's okay to bend them whenever too.





I should be more concerned about them copying my actions than my handwriting.


Yes they're watching how I write...but even more so they're watching how I live.

What I say and do...

How I react and the choices I make...

Even though my g's always make me start writing cursive and cram all my letters together..

I should be worried that they may lack self-control because they don't always see it demonstrated in front of them by me.

Even though my 5's look like an S most of the time...

I should be concerned that they may get angry more than they should because they see my anger more than they should.

My capital G's look more like a C at times but...

I should be mindful that they may think it's okay to say one thing and do another because I am guilty of that sometimes.

My lower case "h" can sometimes look like an "n" but...

I should really put a lot of thought into the fact that they will most likely love the way I love people.

I can't help but think they will either choose joy or choose defeat in life based on what they see me choose. 

All these thoughts flooded my mind.

And today I decided I will be more concerned about them doing exactly what I do because whether I always realize it...they are watching me and following every little move I make.

So as I clean up my handwriting and make sure I cross my t's and dot my i's just right...

I am cleaning up my life.

Choosing joy.

Striving for peace.

Refusing to grumble.

Turning away from negativity.

Highlighting the good.

Praising for the blessings.

Practicing patience. 

Loving the unlovable.

Demonstrating kindness.

Controlling my tongue.

Believing for the impossible.

Having a gentle spirit.

And most of all remembering that they're watching, following, and copying more than just my handwriting. 

Charlee signed her name all by herself at our cousin's wedding because I signed mine and their daddy's and she & her brother had to do it too!


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