If all they'll ever be...A mama's prayers for her babies.

 Yesterday my son stood infront of me during our worship service at church like he often does. Typically holding one of my hands and letting go only long enough for me to raise my hands when I feel moved too...I had one hand on his chest and one in the air and we were both singing at the top of our lungs. I could feel his chest rise and fall as he would take a deep breath and belt out another line of the song. I had a huge smile on my face knowing that my 8 year old enjoys worship just as much as me. 

He's been singing that same song all day today and I just can't help but think...

I have no idea where life will take him. I have no way of knowing the challenges and wonderful opportunities my daughter will come across in life. I can't say that they will always make the right choices and I don't know if they'll always seek Godly wisdom about every decision...

One thing I do know is that if all they ever are is two people who know they're not perfect, but try their best every day I'll be proud. 

If they strive to treat people, all people, with God's love and extend mercy & grace the way we have so freely received it I will be thrilled.

If they fall down on their face and rise back up like God is greater than any of their failures I'll be glad knowing they are living out the gospel story and what it looks like to be the 1 that Jesus left the 99 for.

If they love people and serve them everyday in every way I will be so grateful that they "got it" and understand life is not about what we can achieve, but how we can show everyone (with our actions first and then words if necessary) that God's love is real and alive.

If they grow a family of their own and honor God by being a Godly spouse and parent I will be forever grateful that God's favor allowed another generation of our family to be added to the Lamb's Book. 

If they rack up degree, accolades, wealth and fame it couldn't impress me anymore than if they stop and pray with someone in the grocery store who's battling with something.

I can wish and hope for all the things good and holy for my kids, but the truth is that they will plant their life wherever they see me pour mine out. Same goes for you.

My unkind speech and irrational reaction makes more of an impact on my kids than any wish I have for them. It's up to me (and up to you) for our kids to have a heritage worth inheriting.

I want to create a foundation of hope for my children...one where when they feel heavy and shaken they run to prayer and know God will meet them there...but they have to see it to model it. 

I want to give my kids a childhood full of seeing God move and understanding that His promises are true because they've seen it with their own eyes.

I want my kids to recall in their adult life many times when they prayed for something, our family prayed or they asked me to pray and it came to pass in their childhood. 

I want them to say to others that they know God, not just because of church and ministers, but because of every single day in our home where God was in control, honored, revered, counted on for everything and given credit for all we have.

If all my children ever are is humble, people-loving, other's serving, standing on God's word, holding onto His promises, never losing hope kind of people I'll be over the moon ecstatic knowing that God heard my prayers, and despite my short comings as a parent, allowed my children to become everything He ever intended them to be.


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