If Dr Suess was Mama Suess

Good Morning Children
I say good morning
Why did you waking me not come with a warning

I love the way you breathe in my ear
It is so very nice to hear

To open my eyes and see your face
Just standing by my bed
Waiting for me to awake

Yes please let's play now
I was hoping you would ask to
No mommy doesn't need a minute to herself
Not even to go to the bathroom

Sure we can watch cartoons again and again
I don't mind if you dump all the toys out of their bin

First make your bed and brush your teeth
Please make your bed up really neat
Yes make it even though
you'll soon sleep in it again I hope

Well whatdyaknow nap time is here
The day is half way over my dear
I said the end is drawing near
Bedtime will soon be here my dear

Mommy is tired so close your eyes
Yes close them tight please just try
Ok well mommy is closing hers
She's one tired mommy that's for sure

Tomorrow morning let's try something new
Crawl in bed with mommy
That's what you can do

If you wake up mommy before the sun is up too
Mommy will need a coffee as big as you


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