What do you call dirty?

We all have a different version of dirty. The house you grew up in most likely has affected (for the good or for bad) what you call dirty.

If you're like me your house wasn't ACTUALLY dirty....there was just stuff scattered everywhere. The kind of stuff that you did the 10 SECOND TIDY UP anytime someone was coming unannounced. You fluffed the couch pillows and got the pile of shoes from by the door and grabbed whatever mom was throwing at you to take to your room. That's how we rolled. My mom worked a full time job and we played every sport in the book so our time at home was limited. Our yard was immaculate, the cars were always spotless, but the house wasn't exactly photoshoot ready 24/7, but my mom did it all and we didn't let it get passed a certain level of dirty. Dad was the king at our house. I learned from my friends that their dads cleaned. I was shocked. My dad really lucked out with my mom!
This is my actual sink after I washed dishes this morning... With lemon seeds drying in the window sill cause my little boy wants to grow me a lemon tree cause he knows I love them. 

Fast forward to now and I have a home of my own and a 2 and 4 year old. The husband should count as a child too. I now know how my mom felt. I love him, but not the stack of cups on his night stand. Or the trail of dirty clothes. But he works 7 days a week so I guess I'll let it slide.

Keeping a house presentable or even clean with kids is a full time job. There's laundry..dishes..apparently people want clean towels everytime they bathe...every. single.day. There's stuff. Stuff everywhere. There is some unknown sticky substance on the floor. A trail of water from the fridge and around every sink. There's crumbs. Dinner gets dropped under the table bite by bite. There are so many shoes. There are those tiny toys that you despise, but your kids catch you trying to throw it away EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. There are empty yogurt cups and spoons at the kids dining table. Sometimes the occasional popsicle wrapper there too. Currently as I sit typing this they have covered our entire living room floor in pillows and blankets. But we DO have a certain level of clean we keep. We? Not we. Me!!!

What do I call dirty? Where do we draw the line?
  •  I call walking through the kitchen and feeling something stick to your foot, dirty. Well I will first try to clean that isolated area. Maybe grab a cleaning wipe and try to eliminate the mess. But then I end up getting up close to the filth we call a floor and the wipes keeping turning brown. That's when it's time to sweep and mop immediately. Seriously. No matter what I am doing I cannot handle a dirty kitchen floor. 
  • I call a toilet looking anything less than new...dirty. (I don't play about toilet cleanliness. I have a 4 year old boy. It's a daily struggle) (and I have a 2 year old girl who doesn't understand the depth of how dirty her brother is that touches that same toilet) Just thinking about that makes me want to get up and clean it now. I usually do atleast once a day. 
  • When It comes to laundry I only feel dirty when we have no clean clothes. Ok not really. When the clothes are spilling out of the laundry basket in my batbroom I'm like ok time to wash. But I cram the laundry down in and shut the hamper. Wah lah! But for real when there is literally not one piece of clean underwear in the house...That's when it's time. Rock bottom is where I hit with laundry before we rise. But when we rise I don't stop until every load is clean. Ok I stopped this morning. But I ran out of laundry detergent..isn't that how that goes!!! Ugh!
  • Dishes. I go through phases. Sometimes I don't even leave a dirty fork or cup in the sink. Then there's days like this morning that both sides of the sink were full of dishes...it's called balance.(They are clean now cause I cannot relax when it's like that, but I did let it get that far..why do I do that?? Probably because I like to cook three meals a day and use 54 different pots and pans and bowls, forks, knives, spoons, spatulas etc. You name it..it gets dirty) 
  • Carpet. I. Don't. PLAY. When it comes to carpet. I vacuum two or three times a day. Usually sucking up those tiny Star Wars Legos along the way! What I call dirty when it comes to floors is the level of clean a mom of a new crawler would approve of. Remember when your baby started crawling and they could find THE TINIEST THING ON THE FLOOR. Yeah well they won't find it here. Not on my carpet! 
  • Let's go back to laundry. I wasn't 100% honest with yall. I don't fold laundry. Well I haven't in months. Ok maybe a year. Or more. Yall seriously don't judge me. When I started working full time I decided folding wasn't a priority anymore. We have a system. There's a chair. It holds all the laundry just fine. The nice stuff is hung up and the kids church clothes are put away. But pajamas and play clothes and all the in between sits in the chair. It's not the best system but yall it's where we are at. And now that I have been back home full time for 7 months I am realizing that sounds alot lazier when I type it out than it sounds in my head. (I'm about to fold it...uhh..it's alot.) But yall sometimes I am so on my game I wash something that I wore yesterday. I go through phases. I'm like the moon. 
  • Can we talk about smells? If you ever walk in my house and it doesn't smell clean please tell me. I want you to walk in and be hit with Mr. Clean right in the face. Seriously. If I walk in and smell anything even slightly off...I start taking out the trash and turning the house upside down to clean. Houses should smell and FEEL clean. If it doesn't smell clean chances are it isn't. Like if it smells bad don't spray air freshener...SCRUB SOMETHING YALL!
Before we had kids...which for us was a SMALL TEENY TINY window in time. But before we had kids everything was in its place. It was always perfect. I didn't work (well I nannied for a few months and that was it)and my husband was in the Army and we lived 1000 miles from home. I had nothing to do. So I cleaned. ALOT. But I love to clean so that's ok. I never loved to clean before then though. Cause my mom was super woman and I had no idea how much it took to keep a clean house. 

After we had our son cleaning and keeping things clean was still pretty manageable. Even after having our daughter things stayed clean. I had a certain level of clean I wanted everything to be and didn't let it pass that. But one day I woke up and they were both toddlers (being that they're only 2 years apart) and both tornados. I could no longer strap a kid in a bouncer and let one watch Daniel Tiger long enough to mop or scrub the tub...they were both wild and free and making a path of destruction everywhere they went. 

Do you wipe your counters down everyday? Are you laughing reading that cause you're like NO. NOT EVEN CLOSE TO EVERYDAY. Do you wash laundry as soon as you have enough to make a load or are you on the last clean sock?? Have you seen the bottom of your sink lately? Does your vacuum have dust on it? How much dust is on your ceiling fans? Seriously go look! Mines awful. I blame summer. It hasn't stopped spinning since late April. Would a guest be scared to brush their teeth in your sink? Let's be honest...we all have a different version of what we call dirty! And I'm going to fold my clothes now! Don't get me started on my car. That's a whole nother post!!! 

There's a chair under there! And a basket full of toys and a rogue train track to the right. Pray for me yall. 


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