Fruit Salsa & Cinnamon Tortilla Crisps Recipe

This, ladies and gentlemen, is in the top 5 of THE BEST THINGS THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME!

What you'll need :

Flour tortillas
Ground Cinnamon
Two large bowls
Glass Pan/Bowl (for melting butter)
2 Metal Cookie Sheets
Cooking Spray
Butter (I used 3 sticks when I used 20 tortillas..that is equivalent to filling up a gallon sized bag with the cinnamon crisps)
1 Pineapple
1 Carton of Strawberries
2 or 3 Kiwis
Large Knife(for cutting pineapple)
Small Knife (for dicing fruit)
Spoon (for digging out pineapple)
Air-tight container or gallon plastic bag

I make this all the time for various things and everyone always what's the recipe! So here it is! It's so simple! Here's how to make the Cinnamon Tortilla Crisps and the Fruit Salsa follows!

If you're like me you don't follow recipes well or you completely make them your own. This recipe is hard to mess up, y'all! It's so easy.

Preheat your oven to 350° F and spray a metal cookie sheet with cooking spray. This is station #4.

When I make this it takes over my counters and I do an assembly line. I melt a stick of butter in a glass dish and that is station #2. Station #1 is where you take flour tortillas and use a pizza cutter to cut them like a pizza into triangles.

Next get a large bowl and add sugar and ground cinnamon. You'll want to mix or toss it around until it's incorporated well. This is station #3.

I then take the tortillas a few at a time and drop them in the butter. The only way you can mess up is IF YOU DON'T LET THE TORTILLA GET BUTTERY ENOUGH! Use small tongs to flip the tortillas in the butter then allow the excess butter to drip and set them in the bowl of cinnamon sugar one at a time.

Once you have about 6 triangles in the mix, hold the bowl with two hands and toss the tortillas around until they're completely coated in the sugary goodness.

Use the tongs to place the triangles on the baking sheet and when you have a full pan place it in the oven and SET A TIMER.

I bake mine between 8-13 minutes. I know thats a large window, but you have to watch them. If you have a small cookie sheet they cook faster than a larger one. Just pay attention. I encourage you to do a test batch of a few to see how long you need to bake yours. You want them to be crispy!

While they are baking in the oven start working on your next batch. Dip in the butter, cinnamon and place on the cookie sheet and repeat. It goes faster if you have a batch ready when you take the first one out of the oven.

When you remove a batch from the oven if they're crispy and not flimsy immediately remove them from the pan and drop them in the cinnamon sugar bowl one at a time. If they're flimsy decide if they will stiffen when they cool or they need more oven time. They should be crispy and fluff up a teeny bit. Toss and re-coat them in the sugary goodness and place in an air tight container.


As for the "Fruit Salsa" it is even easier.

You'll need strawberries, one pineapple, and 2 or 3 kiwis.

Simply cut the pineapple in half long ways and score the inside with a knife. Use a spoon to dig the core and pineapple out. You'll use the pineapple so set it aside. Wash your strawberries and cut the stems off. Dice them up into tiny pieces. Same with the kiwi. The pineapple isn't the easiest to dice so cut it up as small as you can and toss it all together in a bowl. You'll use your pineapples as your serving pieces for your salsa!

Nothing says SUMMER like a pineapple full of fresh fruit!

I would suggest you make the chips ahead of time a few hours or even the night before. They can be time consuming! They're so worth it though!

I hope yall enjoy these last days of sweating our lives away, or as other states call it....SUMMER 🍍

                                  - ♡ JAMIE LEE


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