Thanks for the views! Here are a few of my favorite things!

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Y'all are so awesome! My blogs together have had over 10,000 views. I never imagined people actually cared what I had to say...especially 10,000 times! Whether you have read out of curiosity or faithfully, I am so grateful. With that being said I want to celebrate with showing you a few of my favorite things. It's sorta like how Oprah used to give away cars and all kinds of stuff to her lucky audience except nothing is free and there's no cars. But you better believe when God blesses me to the point that I can GIVE someone a car who doesn't have one, I definitely will! But back to the they are.

All the images are links to these products!

1) Wipe your worries away and click on the picture for a life changing kitchen sponge.

I am so obsessed with these SCRUB DADDY'S! It is a sponge that never dies. These sponges do not hold water and breed bacteria. Overnight it literally turns back into brand new and becomes firm again. The Scrub Daddy that I currently have sitting on my counter has been in use for 3 weeks now with no sign of wear. It's powerful and swipes away the dried on messes on dishes in one swipe. You know how sponges and kitchen rags get that awful smell that come off on your hands when they have expired to the point of "you have got to go"..yeah Scrub Daddy won't do that to you. Get you a Scrub Daddy! You will not regret it!

2) Cracker Barrel Pancake Mix (click on the image for heavenly carbs and thicker thighs)

I have always used Bisquick for making pancakes. I made a switch to this Cracker Barrel mix and haven't looked back. I may be crazy, but the difference is huge. I do consider myself a pancake expert though. So I know I'm not crazy. This mix makes all the difference in the world to me. Add a little butter on whatever surface you are cooking on before you put the batter on it and you basically have rustic bicycles hanging over your head and a pegboard on the edge of your kitchen table with kids running around begging for a battery operated racoon that jumps around chasing a ball and 12 kinds of vintage candy.

3) If you don't have Cast Iron cast that problem on the Lord for He cares for you (and I care what you're cooking on)

(to change the way you cook and increase your quality of life click and gaze upon this magical griddle)
I go through phases of being super obsessed with this pan! I literally cook everything on it from pancakes(as mentioned previously) to shrimp...and everything in between. It has a "grill" side and a flat side. Nothing makes my heart happier than grill marks on food. Those black char lines take your food to a whole new level flavor wise and aesthetically. Yall. I. Am. A. Food. Nerd. I can't help it. This pan is so easy to wipe down and has so many purposes and uses. And nothing makes me feel more southern than firing up my gas stove and slapping the cast iron on it to heat up! I could go on forever about cast iron. Get you one!

4) Downy Fabric Softener (because who doesn't want to be fighting odors like a stank fighting and see that the Downy is good)

This fabric softener has made me feel less "Cinderella who scrubs the floor "and more "Cinderella who is strutting her stuff in glass slippers at the ball". I think a man had to of written that story cause why would a woman want to wear heels made out of glass. Like what. But yeah back to what I was saying. I get used to scents and slowly can't smell the clothes freshness overtime. In the last few months of me using this my clothes have gotten softer and a whole new level of fresh. I especially use this on Trevor's work clothes and my workout clothes to protect against odor. I haven't looked back since using it. Laundry game changer!

5) Jiffy Blueberry Muffin Mix (if you want fast and easy homemade muffins that make you feel like you actually threw down in the kitchen but you only adding an egg and some milk here's your mix)

This mix is so versatile! It's such a quick and easy homemade muffin mix for those mornings (or whenever) your wanting something yummy and quick. I've also made blueberry scones with this mix. (And have the recipe if you're interested) I've made blueberry pancakes..all kinds of stuff! I love Jiffy and all of their products. You wont be disappointed.

6) Knives. Knives and more knives.

Having options for different knives is a must in my kitchen. I can't dice an onion with the same knife I would peel an apple with. You've gotta have options. And they gotta be sharp. I went years sharpening my kitchen knives often, but with these being such a great price when the set wears down you can sharpen or get a new set without the guilt. Amazon Basics brand is such a great quality and an even better price! You cannot go wrong with any Amazon Basics!

7) Last, but not most absolute favorite...
These books are our all-time FAVORITE! My kids and I know it by heart! We haven't purchased the Halloween one yet, but since I have Amazon Prime if I ordered it today it would be at my house Monday. Amazon Prime is life. There is a whole little series of The Little Blue Truck. It's a perfect little bedtime story that's not too long and not too short(even though we read it a few times in a row). Last school year Garson gave everyone in his class one as a gift because he loves it so much. It's a catchy little rhyming book about friends helping each other. It truly is our favorite book! Your little ones would love it as much as we do! It also makesfor a great gift or something to add to a gift! You can't go wrong with a board book!

I hope you are able to get atleast one of my favorite things to make it one of yours too! As you look back over my list you can see what I spend most of my time and cleaning! Ha! STAY-AT-HOME mom life! But I enjoy it and love the season of life I am in. If you want my scone recipe let me know. Be looking for another list in the future when I get 20,000 views! Thanks again for being supportive, curious, critical, nosey, or whatever reason brings you by the blog. Have a great weekend and let me know what some of your favorite things are!

                - Jamie Lee ♡


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