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Mom gets a pitstop..Dad gets a minivacay..where is the bathroom justice?

I have two kids. Two of 'em. They're 4 and 2 years old. Exactly 2 years and 3 weeks apart. They follow me. Everywhere. They are part bloodhound I think cause I can't lose them. They can sense my trail and pop up wherever I walk to in the house. I even go to their bathroom sometimes cause that's normally the last place I would be, but they're catching on to me. I'm running out of hiding places. They don't nap anymore hardly so I can't even eat the good snacks during the day.

When they're not following me they are being so quiet and playing nicely..or so I like to think. In these quiet times they can usually be found coloring on a wall, playing with lighters, dumping out a brand new bottle of soap, "brushing their teeth" (aka playing in their sink), or taking every piece of clothing out of their drawers, attempting to pour milk from a brand new gallon(missing and making the kitchen a milk flood zone), standing with the fridge wide open, digg…