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Thanks for the views! Here are a few of my favorite things!

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Y'all are so awesome! My blogs together have had over 10,000 views. I never imagined people actually cared what I had to say...especially 10,000 times! Whether you have read out of curiosity or faithfully, I am so grateful. With that being said I want to celebrate with showing you a few of my favorite things. It's sorta like how Oprah used to give away cars and all kinds of stuff to her lucky audience except nothing is free and there's no cars. But you better believe when God blesses me to the point that I can GIVE someone a car who doesn't have one, I definitely will! But back to the they are.

All the images are links to these products!

1) Wipe your worries away and click on the picture for a life changing kitchen sponge.

I am so obsessed with these SCRUB DADDY'S! It is a sponge that never dies. These sponges do not hold water and breed bacteria. Overnight it literally turns back into brand…