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So 2019.. New year. New goals. New word?? Here's mine.

So many of us are all "BRING IT ON 2019" "OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW" "NEW YEAR//NEW ME" << (my personal fave *insert eyeroll*) "SO LONG 2018" etc. You know..all the Instagram captions while "boomeranging" with sparklers.

I think it's great. A fresh start. A new perspective...A chance to adjust your sails and get back on track. The problem is in about 3 weeks we will fall off..if we even make it that far. We will crash and burn and find 87 new ways to crash our diets and New Years Resolutions.

Instead obsessing over losing weight or a crash diet (and let's be honest a *usually* unattainable list) let's pick a word. A word that we can center every "resolution" we want to keep. Let's pick a word that points us in the direction we want to go in.

New Year's Resolutions aren't bad, but we all know how they go (and how they end). Sit down and make a list. No really...grab a pen and work through …