So 2019.. New year. New goals. New word?? Here's mine.

 So many of us are all "BRING IT ON 2019" "OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW" "NEW YEAR//NEW ME" << (my personal fave *insert eyeroll*) "SO LONG 2018" etc. You know..all the Instagram captions while "boomeranging" with sparklers.

I think it's great. A fresh start. A new perspective...A chance to adjust your sails and get back on track. The problem is in about 3 weeks we will fall off..if we even make it that far. We will crash and burn and find 87 new ways to crash our diets and New Years Resolutions.

Instead obsessing over losing weight or a crash diet (and let's be honest a *usually* unattainable list) let's pick a word. A word that we can center every "resolution" we want to keep. Let's pick a word that points us in the direction we want to go in.

New Year's Resolutions aren't bad, but we all know how they go (and how they end). Sit down and make a list. No really...grab a pen and work through this with me.

I'll wait..


Ok. Here we go. Here's 7 topics to ponder on and ask yourself questions about where you are and where you want to be.

1. What is something(s) you look back on from 2018 (or years ago) and wish you wouldn't have given up on?

2. What could you have done to make it end differently? What is something you could have done on a daily basis to keep you from giving up on that thing? Write this down. This is what you now know you need to do everyday to keep yourself focused and from giving up.

3. Write down something you know you need to work harder at with your health. How can you keep yourself accountable? What is one thing that you can change daily to work towards this change in your health? Reach out to a close friend and let them know you have a health goal and you want to check in with them weekly and if you don't bring it up they have your permission to ask! *spoiler alert "weightloss" is a way to set yourself up for failure sometimes. Pin point why you are overweight and focus on that. Are you lacking exercise? Exercise more? Are you eating poorly? Not drinking enough water? Fix your diet. Fix things and the weightloss will follow. And even if it doesn' will be a healthier you!

4. Write down something you want to change about your finances. How will you make this happen? Be honest with yourself. Do you need a starting point? Pointers? A budget? Do some research and get a plan! Dave Ramsey and The Budget Mom are two of my inspirations!

5. Are you the person you thought you would be at the age you are in life? Or even the person you pretend to be. I'm talking about the heart. Really...reflect and think about it. Are you where you know you should or could be with the Lord? Do you connect with Him in worship and reading His word daily? Do you have a thankful heart? Do you pray as much as you worry, doubt, and fear?? Why not? It's time to be that person you know deep down inside you want to be and God has called you to be. Stop making excuses or being lazy(we are all guilty of it..) Step out and have faith!!! This year is the year to __________ (insert your word here). It's time for a real change.

6. Do you parent the way you wish you did? Does your discipline and momming or dadding line up with what you really value? Being a parent is so incredibly hard. No two kids are the same. Everyone's family dynamics are different. We struggle. We fail. It's ok. Your kids aren't asking you to be perfect..they just need you and need you 100%. Think about something you know you slack at or could do better at as a parent and write it down. You owe it to yourself and your kid! While you're at it right a few things down. There's always ways to be a better parent. Pray for your child more. Read to them more. Have one-on-one time more. Make more homemade meals and SIT AT THE TABLE! etc. You get it. You're doing great. And the fact that you want to be a better parent shows that you're a good one in the first place.

7. Is your spouse and your marriage getting the attention it deserves? Are you putting in effort to communicate and make time for each other. You know where your short comings are. I don't have to tell you. Write down 3 things you can do on a (1) daily, (1) weekly, and (1) monthly basis to be a better foster an even more loving and secure marriage! And guess what...actually do them. Have your partner do it to. You'll probably be surprised at what they put! Ask them what you could improve on? Talk to each other! P.s. sorry to all the husbands who hate to open up and talk about...feelings. Just do it.

So with all the things you look at on your list what's it going to take? How are you going to do this? Is there a word that could sum up how your heart feels about 2019 and things that need to change?

I'm not perfect and fail daily. I have goals I have hit out of the park and ones I forgot I ever even made. But this year for me is different. I'm not going through the motions in 2019. I'm not just surviving. I'm thriving. I'm showing up like never before. As a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. I've picked my word. I'm ready to do things in all aspects of my life holding that word high like a banner over my head!!!


I plan to do E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G with my whole heart.

Jeremiah 29:13 says, "You will seek me and find me when you seek me with your whole heart."

I plan to love, serve, wife, mom, work, friend with all my heart.

I will seek Him with my whole heart.

Will you join me?

What's your word?

When you figure it out and share this post tag me .. I want to know!

Jamie Lee🖤


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