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The opposite of FEAR!

So I've always been a pretty headstrong person. Even as a child and teenager I wanted to do the opposite of what everyone else was doing. And if it wasn't the complete opposite it was usually different. I liked being different. I never was afraid to do or wear or act how I wanted to. I never dyed my hair purple or wore crazy clothes for attention....not THAT Kind of different. Just wanting to go enough against the flow that it felt good. (That has been a blessing and a curse to me at times) Alot of my friends were afraid to stand out. Afraid to be labeled as anything other than "cool". I didn't want to be cool...I wanted to be ME! As a kid and teen I was involved in so many sports and teams. I loved the fact that I broke the stereotypes a lot of the time. And I loved being so diverse. I wasn't afraid to be "the girl who drove a truck" or "the girl who prayed at school events"...I actually loved it One minute I was cheering on my high sc

Get back in your bed, child! • The bedtime struggle with a toddler •

If you're a parent of tiny people, listen up. I feel your pain. I know your every struggle. At the end of the day (literally because we have had a long day) we just want them to eat, let us rinse the shampoo out of their hair (without acting like we are killing them), and SLEEP IN THEIR BED! The bedtime struggle goes like this : 1. Goodnight Sweetheart  When bedtime begins there are books being read, prayers being prayed, a recap of our day and gentle snuggles with silly voices. But we all know this is only phase one.  2. Mama loves you, but get back in your bed Phase two is still sweet, but a little more firm. So they know we are serious. Along these lines..Mama loves you, but you better get back in your bed! Please don't get up again. It's time to sleep. And no you can't have anything to drink. And no you can't help me do the laundry. And no that's not Oreos under the blanket. I would never eat those without you. *walks dear child back to room

Who's your IRON friend?

To the teenage girl who just graduated from high school and has no idea what's next ... I see you. To the mama having a power struggle with her toddler in the store..I see you! To the dad working so much you no longer know what day it is..I see you! To the single lady in her 20's praying God would send her the right man..I see you! To the mom who has lost herself in motherhood and has no idea who she is anymore..I see you! To the young man with no one to love, support, and shape him in life..I see you. To the kids whose parents yell more than they talk and are gone more than they're home..I see you! To the stay-at-home mom who longs for purpose and connection..I see you! To the young married couple who has nothing more than hand-me-down furniture and a few pennies to rub together I see you. To the recently divorced parent trying to figure out finances, life after loss, and how to hold yourelf together..I see you. I see you everyday. We smile and ask how each other are doi