The Band-Aid

In life we all go through so many different situations and circumstances. Some of those which we may have created ourselves and often times ones that are beyond our control. In my short 27 years I have learned a few things about these kind of life challenges. We all have a go-to form of coping. Some of us push through and pretend the world really isn't falling in around us, even though we know we are walking through hell. Some of us live in denial. A full-fledged, "what are you talking about", "everything is fine", "idk why you would even be worried about me" when asked, kind of denial. Others may just fall apart. Life gets hard and're done..can't deal..can't hold it together..fall out..lose your mind..kind of fall apart. I've learned for me personally that regardless of what situation I find myself in, big or small, it's ALL in how I handle it.Like I said, we all cope differently, but maybe that's the problem.My ban…

A Hunter's Wife Cry For Help - Part III - Bet you never thought we would be here.

If you read A Hunter's Wife Cry for Help - The Original Post just know I am not who I was. 
Over the years my bitter hatred towards hunting grew into a strong dislike, but understanding.
A Hunter's Wife Cry for Help - Part II can attest to my growth.
But today we find ourselves here.
Over the last year there's been more growth and through the last months there's been a radical change. 
If you would've asked me what I like to do after 9 p.m. several years ago I would tell you "be sleeping". 
If you asked me in the middle of April 2020 I probably would've said "go coon hunting"....
I know.
You're in complete shock.
But it's true.
Somehow...and I'm really not even sure how tbh..
But somehow we went from complete despise to "can we please go coon hunting tonight??"...
For whatever reason..maybe it was the quarantine and we literally had NO WHERE IN THE WORLD ELSE TO GO...but maybe just maybe I enjoyed it. 
It wasn't necessarily abou…

How I realized my kids were copying more than just my handwriting. - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Today was our second day of school.
My kids have begged and begged to start our homeschooling so yesterday I finally caved.
I learned more on the day 2 than they did...I can promise you!
Today I went over each kids spelling words with them individually. 
For them to practice their words I had to copy them down on notebook paper first.
As I sat there writing I thought to myself I better write them completely accurate and not get sloppy or lazy with my penmanship. 
Even though they're 5 and 7 and fully know how to write all their letters, I know if I write a letter a certain way they will do it just like I did. 
I know if I get lazy they will justify being lazy in their own writing. 
I know if I slack off they will think it's okay to be a slacker.
I know if I bend the rules just once they'll think it's okay to bend them whenever too.
I should be more concerned about them copying my actions than my handwriting.
Yes they're watching how I write...but ev…

Your light will never burn brighter because you blew someone else's out. - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Just keeping it real bc that's the only thing I know how to do.
If you are a person who cannot be happy for other people...
If you are a person who simply cannot smile or clap for other people who are doing well...
If you are a person who would rather see someone fall than rise...
If you are a person who is busying putting people down instead of lifting them up...
If you are a person who blows out other people's candles in hopes that yours will burn brighter...
There's no sense to it.
And if you call yourself a follower of Christ you better check yourself...and listen up.
I heard a preacher say one time that the prodigal son came home and though his father was thrilled...the brother of the prodigal son was ticked.
You heard that right.
He was MAD that his brother had came to his senses and came home.
Was he really upset his brother returned?
Not exactly.
He was mad because his dad celebrated. 
He had the NERVE to kill the fatted calf for the brother whose been off…

So you are thinking about homeschooling? You're not alone! - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

I haven't heard so much about homeschooling ever. It seems so many are thinking about it right now.
Homeschooling has always been my ideal choice of schooling for my two children.
They both went to a Christian pre-school for Pre-k 3 and VPK. My son transitioned from there to an amazing 4 day a week "home-school co-op" of sorts. I say it like that bc it has all the benefits of certified teachers, classrooms of children, and Biblical teaching. It was a co-op and then some! It was a huge blessing and the best thing that had happened to us.
As far as my kid's education goes, all they have ever known is an intimate, God-centered, loving environment.
This year my daughter will be headed for Kindergarten and my son will be in 2nd grade.
My prayer their whole life has been that they would always have that kind of education that they started out with. 
This year God has answered my prayer again, but this time it's my turn to step up to the plate.
The beginning of the pandemic wa…

It's time to take social distancing seriously, y'all. New Summer CDP Guidelines are here & it turns out yall ain't got a virus. Yall just nasty. - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Tonight was dance class night for the little girl in our household.
This is the designated "I'm not cooking night" bc I will gladly take full advantage of being busy and not home at our usual dinner time. 
We left dance and headed straight to our favorite pizza place to grab one to-go. 
This is where I had a revelation that some people are not taking their job of social distancing to heart. 
We have gone camping, got together with our families on a small scale and been out and about some during the great quarantine. We've been "smart" and used common sense when it comes to hand-washing and all that jazz.
I been hand-washing when hand-washing wasn't cool, y'all.
But tonight. 
Let me tell you about tonight.
Tonight, I walked into the pizza place and stood in line. 
I noticed the door had a sign that said "no more than 4 customers at a time".
Two people were in line so I went right in and kept a good distance from the man in front of me. 
The next custo…

I can't even pretend anymore. I'm just me. - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Ever been there? 
Ever find yourself wondering who or what you're "keeping up" with?
Trying to calculate your next move and how it will make you look to others.
Trying to convince any and everyone around you that you are capable of whatever the case may be.
Doing your best to maintain some sort of image or appear to be a certain way.
It's all a lie. 
A mask.
A joke really.
I'm sorry you ever fell for it. 
I'm sorry you ever felt like the real you wasn't enough.
It's so exhausting. 
It's mentally draining and emotionally disabling.
And if you woke up one day and found yourself and gave all that up I am so proud of you. You're better for it. Be free.
People are so busy living for the approval of people who don't even give a rip about them. Wanting to impress whoever with their house, car, boat, kids, clothes, kid's clothes, their image, their job, their lifestyle, their vacations and whatever else. 
If you still are running 90 mph to keep up with ever…