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Amazon Prime Mom vs. Victoria's Secret Model

*Affiliate links in article Going from being a woman to being a mother is the biggest change in life(besides becoming a wife, which is like adopting a man-child-baby all-in-one). So many things are lost, sacrificed, given-up, and just plain forgotten about. For me personally so many changes happened when I became a mother..and I'm not just talking about the 45 pounds that loved me so much it never left.  If you're like me and didn't "bounce back" after childbirth you had some extra weight leaving the hospital(and rolls if we are honest). The first time you decided to "be cute" again after childbirth you probably contemplated wearing maternity jeans...and if you're like did! If you're husband is the comedian mine is he might or might not have announced to everyone at his work function that his baby was a few weeks old and his wife had on maternity pants. Thanks Trevor. Thanks alot. What he didn't know was that underneath those mate

Bring Your Own Marker

Ok. Okk. Disclaimer for all the men...keep reading at your own risk. Women if you recognize this Dr's Office gown you already know where I am going with this! Today I felt like I would rather mow the mosquito filled yard with a pair of scissors than go to the doctor. It was that time of year to go for a check-up...and I had successfully dodged coming for the last 2 1/2 years. My mom asked me a few weeks ago when the last time I went was and I told her when I had the last baby. I go out of absolute necessity. If I could deliver at home with a few tools like a plunger and a kiddie swimming pool I would. Because there are very few things I dislike more than going to the OB/GYN. I think we can all agree that if you could find a way to have "ATM access" to the lady Dr we would. Drive up. Open car door. Exam by robot that we've never met before and don't have to make eye contact with. And shut the door and be on our way.  Here's a few reasons why the OB/GYN is wor

I'm BRAND NEW at this yall!

Let me start by saying THANK YOU for clicking on my blog link! I am excited to start this sort of journey and share my life with yall. Every single day there are funny, touching, crazy, and just plain hard moments in my day. I'm hoping to connect with yall and let you know we are all in the same boat. The Lord has made our boat unsinkable and I'm sure yall will be hearing about that eventually. When kids embarrass you in public, husbands don't always take the trash out, and you have 3 miles until E in the gas tank you are not alone. It's life! And it happens to all of us. So take a deep breath, read the blog, laugh (at my expense if need be) and count your blessings. My blessings💗 📷:Savannah Dunbar Photography I am so blessed and can't imagine my life to be any less crazy than it is! With that being said, prepare yourself for the good, bad, and hilarious. Keep up with us on my blog and come along on this adventure!