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A Hunter's Wife Cry For Help - Part III - Bet you never thought we would be here.

If you read  A Hunter's Wife Cry for Help - The Original Post  just know I am not who I was.  Over the years my bitter hatred towards hunting grew into a strong dislike, but understanding. A Hunter's Wife Cry for Help - Part II  can attest to my growth. But today we find ourselves here. Over the last year there's been more growth and through the last months there's been a radical change.  If you would've asked me what I like to do after 9 p.m. several years ago I would tell you "be sleeping".  If you asked me in the middle of April 2020 I probably would've said "go coon hunting".... I know. You're in complete shock. But it's true. Somehow...and I'm really not even sure how tbh.. But somehow we went from complete despise to "can we please go coon hunting tonight??"... For whatever reason..maybe it was the quarantine and we literally had NO WHERE IN THE WORLD ELSE TO GO...but maybe just maybe I enjoyed it.  It wasn't n

How I realized my kids were copying more than just my handwriting. - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Today was our second day of school. My kids have begged and begged to start our homeschooling so yesterday I finally caved. I learned more on the day 2 than they did...I can promise you! Today I went over each kids spelling words with them individually.  For them to practice their words I had to copy them down on notebook paper first. As I sat there writing I thought to myself I better write them completely accurate and not get sloppy or lazy with my penmanship.  Even though they're 5 and 7 and fully know how to write all their letters, I know if I write a letter a certain way they will do it just like I did.  I know if I get lazy they will justify being lazy in their own writing.  I know if I slack off they will think it's okay to be a slacker. I know if I bend the rules just once they'll think it's okay to bend them whenever too. And.  It. Hit. Me.  I should be more concerned about them copying my actions than my handwriting. Seriously.  Yes they're watching how I