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A story it's time to tell.

 May 7 is a big deal and I'll tell ya why. If ever God has moved and made Himself evident in my life it was yesterday, 2 years ago.  Last night I laid my head down beside my husband, but 2 years ago I hadn't been doing that...for months. If you've been around for more than the last few chapters of our life, you know this.  I had gone through so many different seasons of grief during the several months span of hurting and trying to find a silver lining, strength, my own two feet, what I thought maybe I "deserved", and just trying to make my world stop spinning out of control. In the hurt and confusion God was still there. He'd never left -- though nearly impossible for me to see at the time.  I clung to a religious routine and kept myself in a place where I was serving at church, but honestly felt like God was very far at times. Little did I know God used those moments to keep me close to people who would speak truth, some would cast judgement (they're perf