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The Band-Aid

In life we all go through so many different situations and circumstances. Some of those which we may have created ourselves and often times ones that are beyond our control. In my short 27 years I have learned a few things about these kind of life challenges.  We all have a go-to form of coping. Some of us push through and pretend the world really isn't falling in around us, even though we know we are walking through hell.  Some of us live in denial. A full-fledged, "what are you talking about", "everything is fine", "idk why you would even be worried about me" when asked, kind of denial.  Others may just fall apart. Life gets hard and're done..can't deal..can't hold it together..fall out..lose your mind..kind of fall apart.  I've learned for me personally that regardless of what situation I find myself in, big or small, it's ALL in how I handle it. Like I said, we all cope differently, but maybe that's the problem. M