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Walk out your calling // Chase your dreams

Dreams. Everybody has them. You dream to own your own business one day. Maybe you dream to build the home you've been "pinning" for years. Or if you're like most of us you dream to marry that person, get that job, move to that city, or start a family. Maybe as you've aged your dreams have changed. Maybe used to dream really big and the older you get the smaller your dreams get... I am, by nature, a dreamer. You can ask my husband and close friends what I dream up and they all will have a different answer. I dream (and even go as far as to plan out how I will do it) to be and do all kinds of things. It seems like every year (ok every 6 months) I have another crazy "dream". I am always super excited and ready to embark on the journey towards my dream. If I told you them you would laugh! Honestly. I have some great friends (and a husband who puts up with my crazy) who just believe in me and have never said I couldn't do whatever I dreamt up. Some dr

Have you not heard?

Tonight was an eye-opening Wednesday for me. Church & serving in our kids ministy, like always. We have 2nd grade-5th grade all in the same class together. In our kids service we begin with worship. I'll be honest though, my heart is not always ready to worship on a Wednesday night. From getting lessons ready, to feeding my own kids, keeping other kids from running around crazy, and just regular exhaustion from being with kids all day at heart is not always lined up and ready to truly praise God. Tonight was no different than normal until I realized something very imporant. We were in the middle of singing a song and I was sitting behind the desktop monitor where we control the music. I sat there slumped in my seat..looking around making sure everyone was singing and paying attention. A couple of boys were talking and I prompted them to focus, be reverant, and worship. I sat back down, again, slumped in my chair. God immediately spoke to me, "Get Up!". S

A Hunter's Wife Cry for HELP - Part 2

Well well well...say it ain't so. Hunting season is upon us again. If you didn't even know that then your husband/boyfriend/baby daddy isn't really an avid hunter. He's a poser. I bet his gun stays locked up somewhere instead of wedged between his passenger seat and center console. You know.."in the event he sees a deer somewhere he needs to kill"... But..Like I was saying, It's DEER SEASON. YEE YEE. All of us redneck, white trash, hunter's wives knows what that means. It means we will have endless conversations about why we want them to go somewhere with us..kid's friends birthday party, dinner, church, really anywhere..and they will talk in circles about how important it is to be in the woods until we pass out from the lack of oxygen with the air filled with so much delusional "I am the woods..this is just what I do..this is who I am" crap. Deer season means all of our good ZipLoc bags will disappear and the kitchen dish soap will f

What do you see when you look at your tree?

 There are a few things I wake up and strive to accomplish everyday. They are my non-negotioables; if you will. Everyday I purpose in my heart to read my daily devotional, my Bible, eat at least one meal at our kitchen table, complete my workout for the day, and keep all my fruit on my tree. Now obviously there are other things I eat. Lord knows I don't miss a meal. Or bathe. Or play with my kids..spend time with my husband...but those things come natural. I don't have to remind myself to brush my teeth, but my non-negotioable list are things I have to make known to be a priority or they can be taken away. The thing I had on my heart to tell yall about that's a big deal to me is my tree. I bet alot of y'all didn't realize you have a tree too. I' not talking about the ones that Irma almost snapped..or did...thanks Irma. I'm actually talking about you. Yeah YOU! YOU are a tree. Let me explain. Matthew 7:20 says this, "Yes, just as you ca