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10 ways my dad made my life hard by being the best dad in the world!

This title is 100% truth. My dad has made sooo many things so hard. My sister can attest to this claim, too. But my sister and I are the two luckiest girls in the world and I'll give you 10 reasons why! 10. My dad has set the bar so high for men in general that it's hard to take someone serious when they ask for a handyman service recommendation...aren't ALL men handy?? 9. My dad has made it so hard to not question what's wrong with a man who doesn't shake your hand and speak when they walk in a room...or one that doesn't own a pair of work boots...don't even go there🙈 8. My dad has made it incredibly hard to go with the crowd because he's always taken a stand for what's right no matter what anyone else thought. 7. My dad has made it hard for me to give up on anything because that's NOT who he is and that's NOT who he raised me to be! 6. My dad has made it hard for me to watch any John Wayne movie without quoting at least 75% of it or listen

What I always forget at the water park! Ps. Don't be an embarassment like me!

You make a mental list.  You lay everything out the night before. Everybody's swim suits. With multiple options bc I mean why would they wear the one you want them to.  Sunscreen.  Snacks. Towels. Extra clothes. Bottles of water. And since my mama is old-school she says you gotta have CASH because.. "just because they take a card doesn't mean something can't happen" ..... Lol love you, Mom. Anyways.  You make sure you can find the email with your tickets because for some reason it's like that email disappears when you need it. Early bed time for everyone and you plan to leave at the crack of dawn the get the most out of your day. But to be honest you just want to get there when they're open to stake out the best spot to spread your stuff and claim as your territory for the day. Our go-to water park is  Summer Waves at Jekyll Island ! We love it and have been going there since I was a little kid.  With CDC guidelines in place right now they are only allowin

Get out of the way! Yes, you.

Often times I wonder what life would be like if.... I'm sure you do the same.  If I had not hurt my shoulder in high school...I never would have ended up being a cheerleader and made some of the best memories ever.  If I hadn't of hurt my shoulder and cheered then I would've still been doing other sports that were all consuming... If I was still playing those sports I never would've become such good friends with Trevor Bloxham... And if I had not of ever been friends with T.L.B...well I guess you see where I'm going with that... Idk. It just makes me think. I'm so glad God clearly allowed things to happen and led me to other decisions. He did that. Knowing the outcome and how it would all come together, God carefully hand-crafted it all.  Sometimes I am just curious though IF things had been different then how different would they be now?  Then I connect the dots. If I hadn't of done this at that time then that wouldn't had led me to this and so on and s