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What do you see when you look at your tree?

 There are a few things I wake up and strive to accomplish everyday. They are my non-negotioables; if you will. Everyday I purpose in my heart to read my daily devotional, my Bible, eat at least one meal at our kitchen table, complete my workout for the day, and keep all my fruit on my tree. Now obviously there are other things I eat. Lord knows I don't miss a meal. Or bathe. Or play with my kids..spend time with my husband...but those things come natural. I don't have to remind myself to brush my teeth, but my non-negotioable list are things I have to make known to be a priority or they can be taken away. The thing I had on my heart to tell yall about that's a big deal to me is my tree. I bet alot of y'all didn't realize you have a tree too. I' not talking about the ones that Irma almost snapped..or did...thanks Irma. I'm actually talking about you. Yeah YOU! YOU are a tree. Let me explain. Matthew 7:20 says this, "Yes, just as you ca