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Help me find a hobby! A Hunter's Wife cry for help.

I'm looking for a hobby! It needs to require me to spend lots of money. Like I'm talking fees, dues, licenses that need to be renewed every year, etc. I would prefer that it is more expensive that what my household income is in a month. I want to spend money on clothes, gear, more gear, gear to carry my gear, etc. Also, it would be nice if it required something new everytime I turn around. I want to spend lots of gas money for it. I would prefer it to be a huge waste of time. I want to be able to do it any day of the week. The more real life stuff I can miss out on the better! Must be able to spend hours, even days or trip centered around being gone. I need it to require special expensive stuff and junk to fill up every empty space in my house is a must! I'm willing to tear my vehicle up and sacrifice time with my family for this! Anybody have any ideas?? I also am really hoping every single friend I have can get super wrapped up in this too. I want this to be a

Who told you that??

If you know me then you know I love to talk. From small talk to deep conversation I love it all. But what I really like to know is WHY. I'm a "why girl". If someone says the can't stand the color blue I just gotta know why. Or someone thinks a certain show is amazing. Why? Tell me what makes is so amazing. Help me see what you're seeing. I can't fully understand someone's opinion until I see their point of view. So WHY is something I always want to know. This past Saturday at Bible study (shout out to all the Bible study ladies! I ♡ y'all so much) we have some great conversation. Many of the women were speaking about things in their lives that were going on. Some would basically say, "I'm not equipped to really handle this season of life I'm in." Or "I don't feel like I deserve the blessings that are falling in my lap" etc and me being ME, of course, said WHO TOLD YOU THAT? WHERE IS THAT COMING FROM? Pretend we are h