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what you WANT to do vs. what you HAVE to do?!

Kailee Trippett Photography Many of us are so used to being so busy doing what we HAVE to do that we don't allow for much time to do what we WANT to do. If you're like's time to DO something about that. After some thinking and re-reading a blog I wrote  Walk out your calling//Chase your dreams  it's had me thinking a lot. It's opened up conversations with friends and has allowed us to share our hearts with each other about this topic. Without getting in the medical and political aspect of it, the Great Quarantine of 2020 has forced us all to park ourselves at home for so long. Being in real-life timeout opened my eyes to many things. So many of us have been SO busy that we didn't even see how far down the rabbit hole we were. And when the world seemingly stood still for weeks on end I decided...and you probably did too... It's time for a change... But what? How? When?  Well here are my thoughts.. I am not the best at doing things for myself and

That one time I hollered "BACK THAT THING UP!" really loud in public...

Well if you haven't guessed yet...I wasn't dancing or listening to music when I said it... We have taken up a new family adventure and I am so excited to share it with the world!  I said it...because we were backing up into our spot at the campground! And MAYBE I was a little too excited..and maybe people were staring, but what's new!?  If you personally know us you know SOMETHING is always going on! We never just have a normal or boring time anywhere we go. The stuff that happens to us is better than anything I could ever make up!  Well, back in February we purchased a camper and have been on the move since! Camping has turned out to be the BEST way to travel for our family! We have enjoyed every aspect of it. Even though we may be relaxing (I use that word loosely bc kids) and seeing new places we are doing it with the comforts of our (second) home!  I will be sharing all the details from our trips to give you an insight on where to stay, what to do, where/what to eat, an

The best thing I ever did was STAND.

So this is something that has been on my mind and heart for a few months now and it just keeps coming up in life and conversations. I've brushed it off telling myself it wasn't the right time or the devil would try to invalidate my story and do his best to cause me to doubt, but here goes.. The first time we took a dip in the pool this summer I knew the kids would feel rusty from not swimming for months so like the hover mom I am I was ALL up in the pool grabbing my kids when I felt like they weren't swimming fast enough to the edge.  My daughter started flapping her arms when she ran out of steam and stayed in one spot doggy paddling. I told her to keep going because she was SO close but she didn't see the edge was right there.  She was worried about the water she was treading. I told her to keep going as I stood beside her waiting to swoop in if she REALLY needed it. I knew she could swim but her confidence was lacking bc it has been a while since she swam.  Out of no