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What the devil meant for bad..God used for good!

Have you ever looked back on a time in your life where you knew the devil was on your back? Maybe you're in it right now? When the darkness around you is closing in and you can't see the hope you once did...when the thought of giving up on God creeps in...when your marriage doesn't seem worth it anymore...when you get the "if you can't beat 'em join 'em mentality because you can't handle the pressure to "fit in" any longer...when you think about giving in to the immoral thoughts you have REMEMBER that God can absolutely use these situations for good! There's NOTHING He cannot do! He has the power to change ANY situation and pull you up and out of it and restore you! Some God sent friends and I were recently talking about how God has done this exact thing for us. And quite frankly it's not something you always share with others. Our pride sometimes keeps us from wanting to share with others the fact that we had divorce papers sittin