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A Hunter's Wife Cry for HELP - Part 2

Well well well...say it ain't so. Hunting season is upon us again. If you didn't even know that then your husband/boyfriend/baby daddy isn't really an avid hunter. He's a poser. I bet his gun stays locked up somewhere instead of wedged between his passenger seat and center console. You know.."in the event he sees a deer somewhere he needs to kill"... But..Like I was saying, It's DEER SEASON. YEE YEE. All of us redneck, white trash, hunter's wives knows what that means. It means we will have endless conversations about why we want them to go somewhere with us..kid's friends birthday party, dinner, church, really anywhere..and they will talk in circles about how important it is to be in the woods until we pass out from the lack of oxygen with the air filled with so much delusional "I am the woods..this is just what I do..this is who I am" crap. Deer season means all of our good ZipLoc bags will disappear and the kitchen dish soap will f