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Florida Family Camping at it's best! With our side of crazy, of course. - Ragans Family Campground

There is nothing quite like escaping everyday life and enjoying a getaway. Camping at  Ragans Family Campground  has been that escape we needed and did not disappoint! 3 nights was plenty of time for us to enjoy everything they have to offer and leave us already hoping to be back soon!  We even decided to stay an extra night (a total of 4) bc we just weren't ready to leave yet. We arrived Wednesday night in the "after hours" time frame. The registration team had already called when the store was closing just to make sure we were still going to make it and had our packet conveniently placed in a designated spot outside the store to grab at the front gate. Piece of cake check-in! I'll say more about campsites later, but I do believe we lucked up on the best site in the entire campground even with it being our first time visiting! I don't recommend going somewhere you've never been and trying to maneuver into a site in the pitch black*, but it happens. 🤷  *no tr

Real Life Bloopers & 5 Rookie Camping Mistakes

If you are fairly new to the camping world then you've most likely made a few mistakes, boos boos, no no's and uh ohs.  Preparing for the current getaway we are on I did my usual stuff. Pack in our clothes and food, wipe down inside, wash linens and replace them and have the slides and awning in so all my husband had to do was back up and hook up. In the wonderful state of Florida we have afternoon summer showers pretty much every we not? We keep our camper plugged up and set-up when it's home because it's usually not but just 2 or 3 weeks before we are gone again.  Yesterday I decided it was a good idea to be CUTE on this camping trip. And when I say cute I mean the goal was to not be mistaken for a beggar.  Camper was all packed and ready so I decided I would get ready myself.  I only wash my hair every 7 days and that's an entirely different blog post. It still looks good on day 7. Yes, it really does. Maybe I have magical hair? Idk. But 7 days works for