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I can't even pretend anymore. I'm just me. - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Ever been there?  Ever find yourself wondering who or what you're "keeping up" with? Trying to calculate your next move and how it will make you look to others. Trying to convince any and everyone around you that you are capable of whatever the case may be. Doing your best to maintain some sort of image or appear to be a certain way. It's all a lie.  A mask. A joke really. I'm sorry you ever fell for it.  I'm sorry you ever felt like the real you wasn't enough. It's so exhausting.  It's mentally draining and emotionally disabling. And if you woke up one day and found yourself and gave all that up I am so proud of you. You're better for it. Be free. People are so busy living for the approval of people who don't even give a rip about them. Wanting to impress whoever with their house, car, boat, kids, clothes, kid's clothes, their image, their job, their lifestyle, their vacations and whatever else.  If you still are running 90 mph to keep

I pray it rains so hard that you cannot see! - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Today I was driving down the road into town when all of the sudden, as us Southerners say, the bottom fell out.  The crazy thing was that the sky was clear up ahead of me and the storm seemed to have come out of nowhere.  I told my kids to look around and see if they saw any storm clouds and they noticed them off in the distance to our left. It seemed that maybe we would outrun the storm because we were driving away from it, or so we thought.  We went into town and got what we needed and stayed dry. No rain. Heading home the same thing happened again.  No sign of the source of the rain, but raining so hard I could barely see the road this time.  It came out of nowhere. It was raining so hard it was all I could do to see a couple feet in front of us and that line in the center of the road. I didn't see oncoming traffic until it was just a couple yards away. The kind of rain that I ran through the Winn-Dixie parking lot in the other day if you heard on  Fix it, Jesus Friday  LOL It h

I don't look perfect in a bathing suit and that is okay. - Life. Love. Jesus. Everything in between.

Coming off of the holiday weekend I felt the need to share something that I am so sure is on so many of our minds. Ladies. Ladies. Ladies. Ladies.  No matter where you live there is a lot of body image pressure on us. Living anywhere hot with lots of water access and beaches has even more pressure.  Living in Florida means all summer and every holiday is spent on the water in some capacity. Even Christmas when it's warm enough...which is most years.. Being a female is tough enough, but being a female in bikini country is harder.  I am not a small person. Never have been and never will be. My BMI says I'm morbidly obese. Lol that stupid BMI scale really ticks me off.  Even though I am a confident person by nature, I've never felt 100% confident about my body...and most certainly never felt confident in a bathing suit. I hold my weight in my midsection and it's a genetic curse. I look like a marshmallow body with toothpicks for legs. Just picture that. But in the summer I