The Band-Aid

In life we all go through so many different situations and circumstances. Some of those which we may have created ourselves and often times ones that are beyond our control. In my short 27 years I have learned a few things about these kind of life challenges. 

We all have a go-to form of coping. Some of us push through and pretend the world really isn't falling in around us, even though we know we are walking through hell. 

Some of us live in denial. A full-fledged, "what are you talking about", "everything is fine", "idk why you would even be worried about me" when asked, kind of denial. 

Others may just fall apart. Life gets hard and're done..can't deal..can't hold it together..fall out..lose your mind..kind of fall apart. 

I've learned for me personally that regardless of what situation I find myself in, big or small, it's ALL in how I handle it.

Like I said, we all cope differently, but maybe that's the problem.

My band-aid and your band-aid looks different.

You may take to a self-help book in the midst of your storm. Nothing wrong with reading a book, but if the person giving you a "life line" in your darkest times isn't giving you truth, real unshakable life-giving truth, then you may be in trouble. 

Some of you turn to busyness. I feel like this is a popular one. I have taken the "busyness" route myself. So busy that you don't have time to even think about your problems really. Or too busy to let the silence pierce you and force you to deal with what's going on.

Some turn to substances. Take your mind off of it, by "feeling good" and "having a good time" with that highly up-lifting crowd (insert eye-roll) because those people are just avoiding their problems too. You're all just telling each other what you want to hear, not what you need to hear. And that's so dangerous.

You allow friends, culture and "I deserve ______" to take over your mindset. Your friends opinions and choices all of the sudden become your own because apparently what you were doing wasn't working or you wouldn't be here. You need approval and affirmation from everyone around you, friends and strangers alike. Just searching for something or someone to make it better, but they can't.

You find yourself thinking this situation in my life isn't fair, or isn't my fault, and nobody should have to walk through this, yet here we are.

Yep, here we are. 

How's that Band-Aid working out?

Has your new little lifestyle gained you anything?

What about your friends? Did they permanently fix it?

What about those likes on your last post? Didn't that help you feel better?

The truth is, as sarcastic and obvious as these rhetorical questions may seem...they're just pointing out what you already know.

One more drink can't fix it.

Acceptance or attention can't fix it.

Having fun can't fix it.

Divorce can't fix it.

Buying stuff can't fix it.

Being skinny can't fix it.

Your lifestyle can't fix it.

Your friends can't fix it.

Your "Be Your Best Self" book can't fix it.

At the end of the day no matter what band-aid you use...the problem is still there...and will be there until you fully address it.

Face it head on.


Jesus can fix it.

But the first step is on you.

So go ahead.

Rip off the Band-Aid.

And tell Jesus you need Him to fix it.

He's done it for me and He WILL do it for you.


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