Who told you that??

If you know me then you know I love to talk. From small talk to deep conversation I love it all. But what I really like to know is WHY. I'm a "why girl". If someone says the can't stand the color blue I just gotta know why. Or someone thinks a certain show is amazing. Why? Tell me what makes is so amazing. Help me see what you're seeing. I can't fully understand someone's opinion until I see their point of view. So WHY is something I always want to know.

This past Saturday at Bible study (shout out to all the Bible study ladies! I ♡ y'all so much) we have some great conversation. Many of the women were speaking about things in their lives that were going on. Some would basically say, "I'm not equipped to really handle this season of life I'm in." Or "I don't feel like I deserve the blessings that are falling in my lap" etc and me being ME, of course, said WHO TOLD YOU THAT? WHERE IS THAT COMING FROM?

Pretend we are having an icebreaker in a circle and I need you to tell me three things that are your strongest attributed and your top 3 weaknesses or places you fall short. Go ahead and think of them. Now tell me this...who says those things about you? I'll give you an example : One of my shortcomings (in my mind) is that I don't always have it all together. WHO TOLD ME THAT? Who says so? Is that me measuring myself against a false worldly standard of Pinterest perfect life that doesn't exist? Or does God say that about me? We both know the answer.

Back to bible study>>>Everyone sorta looked at me like I was crazy for a second. I wanted them to think about why would words like that would even be in our thought process. I am in an incredible bible study I'm doing independently and the author strongly urges you to identify 'WHO TOLD YOU THAT?' Why would we not "feel worthy" of blessings when we belong to God? Do you think God is giving you the spirit of unworthiness? Or is that coming from somewhere else? See what I'm saying? Satan wants to hinder us from having a thankful heart and he will do that however he can. In this situation he chooses unworthiness. If you are so caught up in not feeling worthy you A) miss the blessing B) don't praise and thank God the way He deserves and C) spiral downward into more unworthiness - We have to identify where the thought and feelings we have are stemming from!

So next time you are feeling defeat creeping in.and you tell yourself it's time to give up..ask your self..who told me this? Are these God's words or the words of the one who seeks to devour us! Next time your self-worth and confidence start to decline look at yourself in the mirror and ask 'WHO TOLD ME I AM ________?' Less than. Ugly. Too tall. Too short. Too skinny. Too big. You fill in the blank for yourself. As women we are so critical of ourselves. I can fill in that blank honestly in about 5 seconds with about 12 different things. I feel fat, pale, disproportionate, the list goes on and on...but as personal and silly as that is it says nothing about who I am. It just says how I feel. And why do I feel that way? Who told me I'm fat? What standard am I measuring myself against? Is that what God says about me? What does God's say it takes to be a Godly woman? Hint hint : it has nothing to do with numbers, sizes, looks, shapes, colors etc!

So you see how very fast the pity train stops when you hold up the truth? It takes small truths of God to run those negative and destructive thoughts away. Question everything with this simple question...WHO TOLD YOU THAT? And you'll be surprised at how much of your info is coming from something other than God! Speak into a situation God's word and His truth. You will find your perspective shift to wanting to know what God says about everything instead of what's "popular" or "trending topics".

Ask your friends next time they say something about themselves like "I've prayed but I don't think my prayers are being heard.." or "Maybe it's not meant for me to be happy or content in this" "maybe I've messed up too bad this time" "I think my marriage is over" "It seems like I'll never get ahead" "I have the worst luck in life" "Everything is always going against me" "No one will ever love me" "I don't deserve to be happy" etc All of these statements can be confronted with WHO TOLD YOU THAT? God hasn't inspired any of those messages and has a solution for all of them! We just have to seek Him out on it!

I hope this is encouraging and thought provoking for you all. Don't be afraid to call yourself out on things. The Bible tells us to take every thought captive! Cut out all the sources that tear you down and tap into the source of life!

Go on a walk and talk to God. Check yourself. He will show you what's true!


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