That one time I hollered "BACK THAT THING UP!" really loud in public...

Well if you haven't guessed yet...I wasn't dancing or listening to music when I said it...

We have taken up a new family adventure and I am so excited to share it with the world! 

I said it...because we were backing up into our spot at the campground! And MAYBE I was a little too excited..and maybe people were staring, but what's new!? 

If you personally know us you know SOMETHING is always going on! We never just have a normal or boring time anywhere we go. The stuff that happens to us is better than anything I could ever make up! 

Well, back in February we purchased a camper and have been on the move since!

Camping has turned out to be the BEST way to travel for our family! We have enjoyed every aspect of it. Even though we may be relaxing (I use that word loosely bc kids) and seeing new places we are doing it with the comforts of our (second) home! 

I will be sharing all the details from our trips to give you an insight on where to stay, what to do, where/what to eat, and everything in between! I'll also share the things you should've done ahead of time (bc I always learn the hard way), things to avoid (bc again...the hard way) and must sees!  

From the best kept secret spot in the camp ground, the best time of year to go, how far you'll need to book in advance typically, the neatest bungalow or cabin on site, pet policies, pool reviews and everything in between I will give my honest opinion on it all.

There's nothing worse than showing up and being disappointed from misleading or missing information. I'm hoping to eliminate that for you! Because...again...I always learn it the hard way 🤣

Many places I will be sharing have on-site amenities to accommodate families who love the outdoors and relaxation, but do not have an RV/camper! 

From day trips, weekend getaways, to a week full of relaxation I want to share our destinations (and all the things that go into getting there) with you!

Packing tips for you and the kids, what to have stowed away in the camper if need be, and all of the things that will make your life easier! (You're welcome 😉)

There are so many wonderful places in Florida, Georgia and a few hours drive radius surrounding us to explore.

If you are curious about any of our experiences and would like to follow us on our new adventure ,if you haven't already, please subscribe to my blog. If you have any questions at all please reach out! Let me know what matters most to you when you are traveling.

The price, the atmosphere, the experience and the convenience will all be considered in all my future travel highlights! 

And like I said, if you know us you know that whenever we go somewhere there is a good story just waiting to happen. It usually involves a life lesson or two and points us back to Jesus. As always, all of that will be shared here too!

The best way to decide where you want to stay is word of mouth and peoples personal experiences and I can't wait to share ours with you! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures so far from our recent adventures...
My new rug for the camper that I got on my birthday camping trip!
And it is oh-so-true!


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