Amazon Prime Mama Strikes Again

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Ok so I've been debating whether I wanted to share this with yall or not. Charlee turned 2 Christmas day and moved out of her crib not long after. She wanted a big girl bed and so we honestly put her crib mattress on the floor and took the crib out of her room altogether just to see how that would go. We told her if she slept on that without a fuss we would see. We had already converted to a toddler bed months before that so we thought she may be ready. After a few weeks she slept just fine laying on her crib mattress (yes it looked sad in her room...judge me) so we decided to get her a twin mattress. We've had the frame we wanted to use with her mattress already so I started researching mattresses. I have a problem with wanting the BEST product for the cheapest price and won't stop until I find it.

I began searching Amazon, naturally. I found a few traditional mattresses for decent prices but I then stumbled across a brand called Zinus. Zinus makes memory foam and gel foam mattresses. They do not have any inner springs and are decently priced. Significantly cheaper than any other mattresses of the same size. I read reviews and took a chance on these. I am so glad I did! (Wal-Mart sells this brand so it is legit)

When we got the mattress it was in a tiny box and I was like HOW IN THE WORLD IS THERE A TWIN SIZED MATTRESS IN THERE. When I opened the box and pulled the mattress out it had all the air sucked out of it. Once you open the plastic the mattress begins to take its shape and thickness. It takes a little bit for it to grow to its fullest size so you'll want to leave it alone for a few hours before you sleep on it. (I think the manufacturer even says 12 or 24 hrs. Whoops)

Our 2 year old has handsdown THE most comfortable mattress in our house. I will be purchasing my son and my husband and I this same mattress in a few weeks. The KING IS LESS THAN $150! When you lay on this mattress you feel like you are floating on a bed of marshmallows. We now argue over who is going to lay down with Charlee as she falls asleep every night. My husband usually never makes it back out of her room cause her mattress is just that comfortable. I give this mattress 10 out of 5 stars in price and comfort. If you have Amazon Prime you can lay down on this mattress in just two nights. Do yourself a favor! Click on the link below to take a look!

I know I normally blog about life, but this is life changing so I had to share!

Speaking of life-changing...have I told you about
this cardigan from the Dollar General?!

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