Frugality At Its Finest | Y'all Big Money Mamas Wouldn't Understand

If you don't think I'm crazy frugal think again!

I just made muffins and put them in a Styrofoam bowl I found in the cabinet(probably left over from a party that my mom brought them to). Charlee was sitting at the table and I sat the bowl down in front of her. She asked me what that we never use paper plates or bowls or cups! It cost next to nothing to wash something. I don't spend money to eat on something and throw it away. All yall Big Money Mamas can go on with ya bad self, but this More For Your Money Mama can't stand the thought of it! It's pretty sad though that my 2 year old has no idea what a paper plate/bowl is.

I haven't ALWAYS been Frugal Frannie. I didn't necessarily grow up with a frugal family either. Y'all my granny uses GLAD PRESS N' SEAL. That's the Big Money I can only dream of being one day. I re-use tinfoil and even then it kills me to throw it away after use #3. Being an 18 year old married person (I don't feel like woman is the right word to use cause I was just a teenage girl) I learned to make $$$ go far! I got creative at times and even downright crazy. Here's a couple examples of how frugality drove my daily life and drove my husband crazy.

1) Milk Monitor : As we all know milk IS NOT CHEAP. So yes I did stand over him and watch him make his cereal bowl cause if I didn't he would use half the gallon that was supposed to last us two weeks y'all. It sounds crazy, but he ate cereal in a MIXING BOWL for crying out loud. Everyone has a different milk to cereal ratio and I respect that. However, if your milk to cereal ratio is 10:1 I cannot respect that at all!

2) Eggsactly How Many You Plan on Eating : Let's talk about eggs. They aint cheap either. And if you tell me you want three scrambled eggs and you're full at two you better pack them cheeks like a chipmunk cause I cannot unscramble that egg and you DONE SAID YOU WANTED THREE. SO YOU GONE EAT THREE.

3) The Holy Spirit will comfort you not the  $3/Roll Toilet Paper : If you are one of those people who buy lotion infused toilet paper that has special ridges and fluffy dreamy commercials I'm reevaluating our friendship. My toilet paper is very similar to that is tissue paper you fill a gift bag with. It's 1/3 of the price of your Spa Bottom wiping experience, but it gets the job done. I cannot in good conscience spend crazy money to FLUSH IT DOWN THE TOILET. My husband disagrees with me, but given the choice of what I buy or a cornhusk, he choose my toilet paper everytime.

4) Water is LIFE : You won't catch me ordering anything but water anywhere we go out to eat. Even at a drive-thru. I'll take the entree only and save myself $3 dollars thank you very much cause we got water at home and water is FREE. At home when it's time to sit down and eat a meal the kids have milk or water and that's how we roll. We occasionally have orange juice or grape juice and those are reserved for breakfast. Even with the milk it's kept in check (see #1). But water, child you can have ALL THE WATER YOU WANT. It's healthy. I'm trying to keep my family and friends healthy. Y'all are all welcome.

5) Silver Platter People : For all you people who do buy paper plates and cups and silverware and bowls and whatever else is common for yall...I just want to know what you do with actual cups and plates? Do they just sit in your cabinets and collect dust? And don't give me that "I don't want to break them" argument! I'm not talking FINE CHINA I'm talking everyday real life cups, bowls, and plates! At Bible study a few nights ago we were using REAL cups and all the younger girls were like "Oh are we using REAL cups???" I had to laugh cause what in the world is going on in yalls homes?? My 2 and 4 year old drink out of a glass! Come on yall. Quit wasting your money. It takes 2 seconds to wash a cup!

6) The Bible said Filthy Rags not Paper Towels  : My mom and friends stay on me about this one. I firmly believe paper towels are not of the Lord. Yall might as well be using dollar bills to dry your hands and minor spills with. I ain't ever seen a mess a rag couldn't handle. You can use a whole roll of paper towels and still need a rag for back-up. Go straight to the rag y'all. Quit believing the lie that you need a roll of paper towels on your counter for handy little clean-ups. Don't you have a drawer with some kitchen rags and don't you wash towels. Well there ya go. Say goodbye to the Brawny lies.

Almost 6 years into marriage now, Trevor is used to my antics, but he is not always crazy about them. If you think I'm crazy then you are right! I am crazy about making our money go as far as it can! It may be small things, but it adds up. At least to me it does! I challenge you to find a few ways to cut a few dollars here and there! Even if you don't just pretend you did! It will make me feel better about our friendship!
Just because I may look like a big money mama sometimes doesn't mean I am. A gifted furry jacket and Wal-Mart sweater and earrings got me feeling like movie star! Maybe a weird Netflix movie, but still.


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